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— General Advice —

You probably don't think about your plumbing much, but if it goes wrong then it'll be the only thing on your mind! You might be able to solve some issues yourself, but if your plunger is proving powerless then it's time to call in the experts.  Below are some tips to help you diagnose what your particular problem may be.

Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Running toilet is often caused by a defective flapper inside the tank, not properly sealed and causing water to leak from the tank.

Leaky faucet/shower head often occurs when something as simple as a small rubber washer is worn out, breaking the seal and allowing water to leak.

Clogged sink is often the result of something that will not decompose or wash away, namely human hair, bits of plastic or fingernails, etc.

Kitchen Plumbing Problems

Backed up garbage disposals are not made to dispose of everything. Utensils, plastics, bones and other goodies do not grind up but rather, bind up a disposal. 

Leaky refrigerator icemaker is often related to break or crimp in the plastic or copper tube line that it depends on for its water source.

Frozen Water Pipes

Burst water pipes occur when they have not been properly insulated in uninsulated areas such as crawl spaces, or attics.

Mold growth can result from the water damage caused by burst frozen water pipes.

Avoiding Plumbing Disasters

Make sure your fixtures and appliances are maintained and if needed, serviced by a professional plumber.

Get a whole-house inspection from a licensed plumbing and heating professional.


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